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Are you suffering from ANXIETY?

I can help you release the feelings of.. 





that are pulling you down

when you release what's pulling you down, your sense of well-being will naturally float up

I can help you feel a greater sense of


inner peace


here are some kind words shared by some of my clients

"I can't even start to explain how good i feel right now!
this is the first time in 7 years that I feel happy!
this was an amazing experience which i will recommend to family and friends"

Jakub Levine, UK

I guess you're probably wondering.. 

"but what do you actually do?"

"how do you reduce cortisol levels?"

"and who are you!?"




Hello! I'm James Robinson and the reason you're reading this text right now, on this website that I created is that around 20 years ago I decided that I wanted to help people who are suffering to feel better.


I realised that I love to help people and that I had always felt drawn to do so. This sent me on a journey of exploration of alternative therapies and healing techniques, receiving treatments and training in many various modalities over several years. I had many incredibly beneficial experiences being on the receiving side of various techniques but as a practitioner myself I found my results with clients were a bit indistinct.

That all changed when a friend recommended I train in EFT and I was immediately blown away by the speed, effectiveness and obvious results that I experienced myself from it. At that point I abandoned everything else I had trained in and decided to just focus solely on EFT and a couple of powerful related visualisation techniques. That was 15 years ago and even now I'm still amazed when I witness how effective EFT can be for bringing relief to clients.


There is so much suffering here on Earth, generally everyone has some degree of trauma, fear and emotional wounds. In this modern age a general state of anxiety is experienced by such a colossal amount of people. Along with many if not most people, I realise I have suffered from low level anxiety myself for extended periods of time in the past and that is why I decided to focus my time and efforts on trying to help people who are suffering from anxiety.


Life is challenging, there are always obstacles to overcome which can be hard enough if you've had a supported and stable upbringing, but when someone is pulled down by the heaviness of what's happened in the past it can be incredibly hard for them to cope with just normal life, let alone the bigger issues that present themselves. 


Eft is an incredibly simple and effective tool for releasing these heavy feelings, the fears, worries and the traumas that sit below the surface and fuel the state of anxiety. When these power sources are released a greater sense of peace and calm can be experienced instead.


A typical treatment session involves some talking, light tapping on certain points of the body and visualisation and is even effective for clients who don't feel comfortable discussing their deeply personal issues.

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connect with

I completely understand that you need to feel safe, supported and comfortable with someone before you can fully open up and express what you've been holding onto for all this time.

For some reason people have always felt drawn to share such things with me, even complete strangers!

I care about people and have always been really interested and moved hearing peoples life stories, what happened and how it made them feel. I love connecting with people and find it to be the most life enriching experience.

So if you would like to speak to me via zoom or a phone call to just say "hello" and see if you feel you would be comfortable working with me, no strings attached book yourself a free 15 minute time slot by clicking on the button below.

I promise you it won't end in a sales pitch or a once in a lifetime special offer if you sign up there and then! I won't mention any such thing, it's not a sales call but just an opportunity to see how comfortable you feel opening up and sharing with me.

If you're not feeling it that's completely fine but if you are you can just return here when you're ready and make a booking below.


Alternatively you can also just send me a message in the box at the bottom of the page.



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