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It's my belief that our pure state of being is that of peace and good health. 
Just as the Sun is always present but often hidden behind clouds, so I believe is the innate state of peace within us and the ability for our bodies to heal.

We all form metaphorical clouds within us when we react to stress, trauma and fears. Just as physical clouds block us from feeling the sun these emotional reactions hinder us from feeling peace. These clouds are the power sources that fuel the state of anxiety.

The most foundational emotional reactions are most commonly formed in our first 6 years of life but can even start from in the womb. We are all affected by our environment, the people and events around us and the stress and traumas of existence.

I have the great pleasure of being able to assist people in looking for the emotional root causes of their anxiety and helping them to clear them away. This process dissipates the heavy feelings, traumatic memories, limiting beliefs and fears that are generally powering the state of anxiety. 

In the same way as the warmth and light of the Sun is felt when the clouds disappear, so is the peace within us when the emotional reactions we've been carrying are no longer present. Our feeling of wellbeing becomes naturally elevated and our ability to heal becomes increased.



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  • I am a Member of the Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course:

  • I am a EFT International Advanced Practitioner Member

  • EFTi Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 3 Advanced Practitioner

  • AAMET Emotional Freedom techniques Level 3 Advanced Practitioner

  • AAMET Emotional Freedom techniques Level 2 Practitioner

  • AAMET Emotional Freedom techniques Level 1 Practitioner

  • AAMET Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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Some of my work is featured in 'Matrix Reimprinting; using EFT'

by Sasha Allenby and Karl Dawson, Published by Hay House

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