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Generalised anxiety

EFT reduces cortisol levels

Every thought or emotion that you experience causes a reaction in a specific area of your brain.


If your brain recognises a similarity between a distressing situation from your past and what you are experiencing in the present or fear you are going to experience in the future, (even though there is no current threat or danger) the same distress signals that you experienced in the past situation can become activated.


Adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol is then released by the amygdala as your sympathetic nervous becomes activated and your body responds to the perceived threat by entering a state of fight or flight.


This basic response sequence is at the root of generalised anxiety.

By using EFT and lightly tapping on specific electromagnetically sensitive points on the skin whilst holding in your mind a situation that triggers an unwanted emotional response, electrochemical signals are sent directly to your brain.


The brains response is then shifted by the changing chemistry in the amygdala and the alarm response is no longer elicited, the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest becomes activated, cortisol levels are reduced and a deep sense of calm is then experienced rather than distress.

This technique often produces undeniable improvements in only one session and often works where other approaches do not

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